My parents hand raised Golden Retrievers in the eighties, and my sister and I still keep the tradition going. My two daughters are very active in playing with, training, and loving our Goldens. Our Kennel has had perfect scores in all areas after each yearly evaluation by the American Kennel Cub. I spend many hours each week giving each dog a personal touch of love, grooming, ear cleaning, and always keep them up to date on their preventative medicines. My favorite memory of our Golden Retrievers is an old photo showing my Dad with his Ford LTD full of Golden Retrievers. Like myself, my Dad loved to run, walk, and play ball with these beautiful family animals. Contact us for more information»

Rated number one Golden Retriever breeder in Georgia according to Google.

#1 on the list of Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia is “Golden Retrievers of Atlanta”: Golden Retrievers of Atlanta is not just your basic, run-of-mill breeding operation run by owner Lee Carroll. This kennel has been diligently run since 1999 with Ms. Carroll’s personal touch in the overall care given to every puppy who has a part in her litters. Daily life here at Golden Retrievers of Atlanta consists of hours in grooming, ear cleaning, loving, training, playing, and adoring Golden Retrievers. Click here to read more.


“I bought a golden retriever from Lee and she is the best dog we have ever had. I plan to get another one in the near future.” ~ Anna, Happy Golden Retriever Owner

“Bailey is the best golden retriever we have ever had. I got her from Lee Carroll in Cartersville, GA out of Dallas and Cinnamon. I highly recommend him. I have 5 kids and Bailey watches over them all. She is a valued member of our family. She is loving, well-behaved, and almost human in the way she understands exactly what we are saying!” ~Mrs.McCormick, Happy Golden Retriever Owner

“I get compliments everywhere we go and people with male goldens ask if I’d be willing to breed her. I’m not, but it is a very nice compliment! She is finally starting to settle down a little bit, ( she’s been an insane crazy lady up until this point) and I’m starting to see glimpses of what an incredibly sweet, loving dog she’s going to be. We started puppy kindergarten last week and she gets everything in a heartbeat. She is very smart! We thank you again for our beautiful girl!! We may even want another one one of these days.” ~ Liesele, Happy Golden Retriever Owner

“I am from Chattanooga TN and I purchased a dog from you about a year ago. His name is Duke, he came from Starburst and Nazzy’s litter. I’d like to thank you for the good quality of the dog that I have gotten form you he is beautiful. Duke has developed into a great house/hunting dog and is beyond well mannered. He is lean, muscular and has not had a single problem with his health so far. I work at one of the best bird dog training kennels in the state and Duke has learned lots of things from working here.” ~ Alex, Happy Golden Retriever Owner


From the time you pick up your puppy, you have three days to take it to a certified vet for a wellness check up. If there are any problems, bring the puppy back and we will refund you or give you another puppy when available. This guarantee also promises that you will love, feed, and provide this puppy with all its needs. I, the seller, signs a copy and you, the buyer, sign a copy as a receipt and for our records. We do our best to breed, train, and love top quality AKC Golden Retrievers. Contact Us for Details»


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