There are many supplies that you can purchase for your new Golden Retriever puppy, but you may wonder what is really necessary and what is extravagant. Realistically, there are many factors that contribute to a healthy, happy life for your Golden Retriever. A good place to start is by meeting your new puppies basic needs and what you might choose to get to help you practice good responsibility in dog ownership.

Here are some basic supplies that Golden Retrievers will need.

Every dog should have a collar or harness. This shows your own personal style and your dog’s, too. It should have your dog’s current identification as well as rabies tag. They are also used with leashes to walk or manage your dog. Leashes are essential because of leash laws and your dog’s safety. Even if you do not have a leash law, the chances are good that you may be somewhere that will. It is also a good idea to get several leashes because they are always being lost or chewed up. I recommend a leash that your dog cannot easily chew up.

Your dog should have a special place he or she can call their own. A dog bed, a crate, or a combination of the two are wonderful for your new puppy. Buy a crate that is large enough for your dog to grow into, so you will not have to purchase multiple crates. Toys keep your new puppy active and stimulated. The safest toys that I would recommend are “Kong” balls, nylabones, or a toy rope, supervised. I also suggest Cow Hyde to give your puppy something to chew on, rather than doing a job on your sofa. I do not suggest anything that could come apart or has a bell or whistle in it that could harm your puppy if ingested.

Your new Golden Retriever will also need some grooming equipment. I would suggest a good dog brush, such as a furminator or an electric hair clipper. This can be used for multiple reasons, such as matted hair, trimming around a hot spot or to give a cool summer shave. A steel fine toothed brush is wonderful for grooming too.

My favorite style of bowl is stainless steel that can be clipped or hung on a fence. Costco has a set of two stainless steel bowl’s that fit nicely into a bamboo raised frame. The best dog food that I have found is Purina Pro Plan lamb and rice Formula. This food makes my Golden’s coats shiny and their teeth white. As far as preventative measures, I use one tube of Advantage Plus Multi on my adult dogs once a month to take care of all the internal and external parasites.

Some extras you might consider is a seat belt to make your dog’s ride safer, a 12X10 cast iron pen or a Dogloo (doghouse).