How do I make a down payment?

Go to your PayPal account or the PayPal button on our cover GRA page. Send half the total cost of a puppy to reserve a puppy.

How does GRA manage health checks or quality control?

GRA meets or exceeds the standard by having all adult Golden Retrievers screened by a full body digital x-ray. If this scan reveals any potential problems with litters, my veterinarian and I will make a decision to eliminate the adult from our breeding program.

When do puppies go home?

GRA allows puppies to go home at eight weeks.

What is included in GRA adoption?

Vet. visit, worming and a shot at eight weeks.

What does our guarantee consist of?

You have three working days to have a certified veterinarian check your new puppy out. If there is a problem, bring the puppy back and we will refund in full.

How long has GRA been breeding?

Since 1999.

Does GRA sell adult Golden Retrievers?

We allow our adult Golden Retrievers to be adopted after they retire or if they do not pass their breeding test at two years.

If I loose my AKC paper work, how do I get more paper work?

Contact GRA and we will send you more paperwork for a service fee of $100.00.

What type of dog food does GRA use?

We use Purina Puppy Chow for the first six months, then go to Hill’s Science Diet Barley and Chicken.

Can I visit your kennel?

We are glad to have visitors by appointments only.