Bailey is 97. lb. He is one of our larger males. Bailey has a blocky head, with light to medium tan fur. Bailey has learned his basic training and has great puppies.


Jack is a honey-golden colored male. He is gentle and loves attention and being groomed. He loves cats and has learned his basic training. He is OFA certified good for hips and elbows.


Georgia is a honey golden, very intelligent, and loving companion. She loves her toys and is a very gentle dog. We love her personality and she loves whoever she is with. Georgia is OFA certified good hips and elbows.


Winnie is a light golden, sweet, gentle hearted dog. She gets along with other animals and loves to play and cuddle. Winnie is OFA certified good hips and elbows.


Mercy has a dark brown fur coat and loves water. She has a gentle soul and loves anyone she’s with. Mercy is OFA certified good hips and elbows.