Max is a full English Creamer Golden Retriever. He is my personal favorite. He is, blocky head, light and gentle as a lamb. I have trained him the basic skills of sitting, heeling, and coming.



Bailey is 97. lb. He is one of our larger males. Bailey has a blocky head, with light to medium tan fur. Bailey has learned his basic training and would make great family puppies.


This is Bear, one of our females, a great companion and as gentle and soft as a lamb. She is OFA certified good and is 64 lb.


This is one of our half english cream, half American golden retrievers. Raelynn is very laid back and gentle. She weighs 68 lbs and is 22 inches from her shoulder to the ground. She has a beautiful blocky head. She has good elbows and hips according to our veterinarian, Doctor Johnson.