Bailey is 97. lb. He is one of our larger males. Bailey has a blocky head, with light to medium tan fur. Bailey has learned his basic training and has great puppies.


Jack is a honey-golden colored male. He is gentle and loves attention and being groomed. He loves cats and has learned his basic training.


Riley is a red, darker golden male. He loves attention as well as swimming and fetching.


This is Bear, one of our females, a great companion and as gentle and soft as a lamb. Bear loves attention and other animals. She is OFA certified good and is 64 lb.


Georgia is a honey golden, very intelligent, and loving companion. She loves her toys and is a very gentle dog. We love her personality and she loves whoever she is with.


Winnie is a light golden, sweet, gentle hearted dog. She gets along with other animals and loves to play and cuddle.


Mercy has a dark brown fur coat and loves water. She has a gentle soul and loves anyone she’s with.