Gibbs Garden

Artist: Lee Carroll Name: Gibbs Garden Size: 16x20 Subject: Japanese Pond at Gibbs Garden. Price: $900.00 (comes with black frame)

Tulip Tree

Artist: Lee Carroll Subject: Tulip Tree Size: 12x16’ Medium: Oil on Canvas with black frame. Subject: Tulip Tree Price: $200.00

Purple Pansies

Artist: Lee Carroll Name: Purple Pansies Size: 16x20 Medium: Oil on Canvas with brown frame. Subject: Purple Pansies were painted on a whelm from our 26th anniversary flowers. Price: 2 million

Study of “Prisoners in Circle” by Vincent Van Gogh

Artist: Lee Carroll Size: 22x28 Medium: Oil on Canvas in Gold Frame. Subject: Prisoners Round, after Van Gogh and Gustave Doré. I spent two hours staring with ecstasy at Van Gogh’s original painting at the High Museum in Atlanta, and went home and painted my own copy. This painting has priceless value to me because [...]

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